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Should my organization conduct HR training?

Many organizations conduct HR training for one of two reasons:

Employment law or compliance training includes sexual harassment training, OSHA training, Sarbanes Oxley or Bank regulations training etc. The reason to perform these kinds of traininig is pretty straight forward. Do the training or else!

Organizations that are faced with this requirement will typically engage professionals to conduct and document training records so that they can be produced in the even of litigation or some other request.

The second most common kind of training is skills development or performance improvement improvement. This takes the format of new product training, leadership and succession planning and training, sales and marketing training and sometimes academic training. While most organizations commit funds and resources to this type of training, it is also quite easy to cut when times are tough.

In today's hypercompetitive global marketplace, all organizations regardless of size or sophiscation should really take a second look at buttressing the skills and performance training. How do you think successful organizations like Google, Apple, Motorola, Coca Cola etc continue to maintain their market dominance. Its because the place a premium on the quality of their people resource which means cutting edge training and e-learning programs.

So when it comes to conducting training for your organization, I don't believe the question should be "should I conduct training", rather the question is "how can I best prepare my workforce to effectively compete and win in an increasingly hypercompetitive global marketplace.


What is the best way to start HR training?

The easiest way to start HR training is to ... well start. Start where you are. I recommend 3 simple steps:

  1. Take a snapshot - where are you currently in terms of training and development. Do you have a training program in place? Are you currently hiring consultants to come in and provide training? Do you have some training materials sitting around? What is the corporate culture when it comes to training? Is is receptive or hostile?
  2. Where to you want to go? Benchmark your current efforts against those of your competitors? Are they currently conducting training in an organized and sustainable fashion? Are there other organizations you will like to emulate?
  3. Get to work. Yes it is work. Nothing long lasting or impactful as training is going to come easy. First identify a reliable training software partner. Talk to eLeaP to get started. You can also check out some of these free resources they have ..

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